Loss of radioactive source (Co-60, Pomina, 2015)

The loss of radioactive source originated from liquid steel spill accident during steel billet manufacturing process of the factory at the beginning of September, 2014. In the accident, lead layers for radioactive source protection were damaged. The radioactive source was Co-60, its activity at this time was 2,33 mCi. After the damage had been detected, the technical team had removed the box for maintenance. The technical team proposed that the source should be isolated because its safety was not ensured. On November 17th 2014, Mr Hùng discovered that the radioactive source container had lost so he reported to the company leaders. However, the according to the inspection minute of Department of Science and Technology, the radioactive remained at the company. It was not until April, 2015 that the company reported to relevant agencies on the loss of radioactive source. Despite best effort from competence agencies, the radioactive source has not been found

Location: Pomina steel company/Bà Rịa-Vũng Tàu province
Event date: Wed, 01-04-2015
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