Overexposure to Radiographer

During the performance of industrial radiography, the licensee radiographer approached the collimator without his survey meter. The radiographer positioned the collimator in preparation for an exposure shot without first retracting the 3.552 TBq (96 Ci) Se-75 source back inside the camera. Based on the dose assessment from the licensee, the radiographer received an overexposure of 1.76 Sv (176 rem) to each hand. At the time of the reporting of the event, there were no signs of skin reddening on the radiographer’s hands. The U.S. statutory limit for extremity doses is 0.5 Sv (50 rem). The dosimetry badge results revealed a whole body exposure of only 1.52 mSv (152 mrem), which is below the statutory limit of 0.05 Sv (5 rem). NRC EN52759

Location: Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin/ACUREN INSPECTION, INC
Event date: Mon, 15-05-2017
Nuclear event report
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