Worker Overexposure

A pharmacy technician received an elevated whole body dose in April 2017. The licensee requested the expedited processing of the May 2017 whole body dosimeter and a dose of 110 mSv (11 rem) was reported. The isotopes involved are believed to be Mo-99/Tc-99m, Tc-99m, and Ga-68. The U.S. statutory limit for whole body dose is 50 mSv (5 rem).

The licensee took immediate actions to prohibit the employee from entering the restricted area of the pharmacy and from handling, receiving, or delivering any radioative materials. The licensee also conducted prompt retraining of all employees on the as-low-as-reasonable-achievable (ALARA) program, personnel dosimetry and exposure monitoring policy, and proper storage and use of material. The licensee is evaluating if additional corrective actions are warranted. The licensee investigation is ongoing. NRC EN52868

Location: Jacksonville, Florida / Triad Isotopes Inc.
Event date: Fri, 21-07-2017
Nuclear event report
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