Stolen Moisture/Density Gauge in León, Guanajuato

On 9 February 2018 at 16:00 UTC a notification via email was received by the Nuclear Safety Commission of Mexico (CNSNS) that a CPN moisture/density gauge, model MC-3-122 containing two radioactive sources of Am241:Be (1.79 GBq, SN 9725NK) and Cs-137 (252 MBq, SN 1162CX) was stolen from the back of a pickup truck. The theft took place on 8 February 2018 in Comunidad Santa Ana del Conde, León, Guanajuato.
On February 10th at approximately 10:00 pm (UTC-6), the stolen moisture density gauge was successfully retrieved at Martín Serratos street, La Arcina, León, Guanajuato and transported back to Irapuato. The CNSNS emergency responder verified the following: 1) visual shielding integrity, 2) visual inspection to confirm serial number and the device model, and 3) radiation survey to confirm the existence of the two radioactive sources (Am241/Be and Cs-137), and concluded that there was no risk to the public because the device was intact.

Location: Comunidad Santa Ana del Conde, León, Guanajuato.
Event date: Thu, 08-02-2018
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