Lost and Subsequent Recovery of a Radioactive Source

On January 14, 2019, an industrial radiographer associated with Wajedo International Corporation (Private) Limited started his journey from Sadiqabad to Daharki site to perform radiography job while carrying Gamma projector (YG-192S) with radioactive source of Ir-192 (10Ci) placed in the back cabin of his vehicle. During journey, the vehicle stopped near Obaro due to some malfunction in its engine. The driver opened the back door of the vehicle to take out some necessary equipment from the cabin for the maintenance of vehicle. After maintenance of the vehicle, the journey was resumed. Before reaching the radiography site, the radiographer checked the reading on radiation survey meter and it was revealed that the projector was not present in the vehicle. He noticed that the projector had fallen down from vehicle because the back door was open which was not locked properly after vehicle maintenance.
The radiographer started searching for the projector from Daharaki to Obaro. Meanwhile, a shopkeeper contacted the radiographer at his mobile phone and told that the container was in his custody because phone number was pasted on source container box. Consequently, the projector was recovered from the shopkeeper near Obaro and a detailed radiation survey was performed which was found satisfactory. There was no damage found to the physical condition of the source container.

Location: Wajedo International Corporation (Private) Limited
Event date: Mon, 14-01-2019
Nuclear event report
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