Internal contamination of workers in a Medical Center

On November 28, 2002 a technician of the Nuclear Medicine Department of the Medical Center “Centro Médico Siglo XXI” reported to the National Commission on Nuclear Safety and Safeguards - CNSNS (Mexico’s nuclear regulatory body) that he and eight of his co-workers were contaminated with I-131. The technician became aware of the problem because radiation alarms activated while his co-workers were around. The nine workers were checked with a whole body counter at the regulatory body’s laboratory, and the results verified the internal contamination of the workers. A special inspection team was sent to the Medical Center in order to fully investigate the incident. The preliminary estimated maximum dose to thyroids for the most exposed worker was 8.58 Sv. According to regulation, the dose to thyroids limit is 1.67 Sv/year.

Location: Centro Medico Siglo XXI
Event date: Thu, 28-11-2002
Nuclear event report
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