Finding of abandoned radioactive source in the street

On September 11, 2000, a radioactive source was found abandoned in the street by a driver of a governmental agency, who immediately notified the National Authority. The staff of the National Authority went to the site and discovered a gamma camera containing an Ir-192 radioactive source. No contamination was found in the gamma device neither in the people close to the gamma device. The rational levels were 5 micro Sv/h on the surface of the gamma device and less than 0.6 micro Sv/h at 1m. The doses to people were negligible. The gamma device was taken to the Nuclear Center for safe storage.

The gamma device belongs to a radiography company and, according to its statements, it was removed (stolen) from its main storage site by they did not realize this fact until several days after.

The radioactive source was identified as one of 11,1 GBq of Ir-192 at the date of finding. At the moment of discovery the gamma device was closed just with the plugs but the locks had been removed. Fortunately nobody removed the radioactive source.

Rating Justification:
The classification was made pursuant Part IV-5.1.2 of User's Manual because the source was discovered in an inappropriate location (in the street).

Location: PERU radiation source
Event date: Mon, 11-09-2000
Nuclear event report
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