Contamination of workers during dismantling of alpha dry glove boxes

During the second half of June and beginning of July 2001 the alpha dry glove boxes were dismantled in the Nuclear Research Institute Rez. The boxes were part of the facility for production of fire detectors of a Czech firm. Material from these boxes was contaminated by Am 241 and was after fragmentation put into casks used for storage of radwaste materials. During the performed operations the dust particles with Am 341 were released and were partially inhaled by the four workers performing fragmentation operations. The operation was immediately stopped after the detection of the contamination. Currently the complete dosimetric and health examination is performed. According to the preliminary results of investigation performed in the Department of Occupational Medicine, Charles University, Prague, and based on whole body counting at the State Institute for Radiation Protection the most exposed person received the effective committed E (50) dose of about 0,35 Sv,the other three persons received the effective dose commitments substantially lower. The radioactive releases to the environment were negligible. The investigation from the licensee side and SONS of the event is continuing.
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Event date: Tue, 10-07-2001
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