Loss of Radiation Source

Refer to the event reported on 2009/09/07 on loss of a Neutron Source (Am-Be), after intensive investigation, the source was found and returned to the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) for respected QC and recertification.
The inspection team of National Radiation Protection Department (NRPD) took immediate actions as soon as the Iran Nuclear Regulatory Authority (INRA) was informed of the event. Necessary arrangements were made with the local authorities and hospitals were alert of any possible symptoms of radiation exposure. Precise and heavy inspection was carried out with detectors mounted on the vehicles in vicinity cities of the place that the event was reported. The source was found among the scrap metals in a yard of a house without cover and identification number but undamaged.
17 suspected persons to radiation exposure were gone under medical examination in this respect; none were diagnosed with the sign of radiation exposure. Total effective dose of person's subject to be involved in the event was estimated 63 mSv. In the worst case.
Licensing procedure of the research institutes is under revision to take more consideration on security of the sources.

Location: Birjand University
Event date: Mon, 31-08-2009
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