Adder: Nuclear Monitor WISE/NIRS North American Edition, februari 2002

Plaats: Washington USA
Datum: 1 februari 2002
Security upgrades for U.S. reactors; waste casks vulnerable to attack Reuters, 11 and 14 February
Germany: explosion in Brunsbüttel WISE Amsterdam
In the former Soviet republic of ...
Petten reactor to "convert" to High Enriched Uranium? WISE
International nuclear dump plan shelved Friend of the Earth Australia
Push for a new PWR in France Noël B. Danel
Estimated 17,000 fatal cancers in U.S. due to worldwide bomb tests IEER, 6935 Laurel Ave
Heu for targets New Scientist, 2 May 1998
Cernavoda 2: exporting nuclear risks Antonio Tricarico
Finnish government approves fifth reactor; parliament votes still unclear NuclearFuel, 21 January '02; Nucleonics Week, 24 January '02
When the "turbogenerator of last resort" fails Nucleonics Week, 7 Feb '02; ASN press release and note, 1Feb
Yucca Mountain update Kevin Kamps, NIRS
Fifth reactor uneconomical Reuters, 18 Jan 2002
Dutch court hears evidence that Borssele must close WISE Amsterdam
Will Bure become the French Yucca Mountain? WISE Amsterdam
K2/R4 negotiations Nucleonics Week, 3Jan/7Feb'02; CEE Bankwatch Network, 13 Feb
Petten HFR to be closed temporarily WISE Amsterdam
Switserland: upcoming referendum on nuclear energy Philippe de Rougemont; Sortir du nucléaire, CP 1558
La Hague underestimating radioactive discharges ACRO
FRM-2 license delayed Nucleonics Week, 24 February 2002; Ministry of Environment..
Israel: Dimona death factory exposed Mordechai Vanunu
Radiological accidents update NIRS
232 groups urge congress to reject nuclear dump Public Citizen's Critical Mass Energy and Environment Progra
In brief: U.S. plutonium immobilisation program stopped WNA News Briefing, 23-29 January 2002
In brief: Bush budget: plans for new U.S. reactors...
In brief: ...but DOE cleanup "ineffective" IEER press release, 4 February 2002
In brief: India: Rajasthan-1 to be closed
In brief: US license renewal: Hatch, Duke
In brief: Austrian government survives Temelin referendum
In brief: Russian waste import protests
In brief: Temelin: shutdown after false alarm
In brief: China: Qinshan-2 connected to the grid
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