Adder: Third Opinion, juni 1998

Plaats: Sydney, Australie
Datum: 1 juni 1998
Omschrijving: Australia's independent Energy Journal
Era has an ongoing processing problem
Britain has unexpectedly announced
The supreme court in Sydney has been told
A train carrying empty transport flasks
Jabiluka, the outrage grows
The Canadian Atomic Energy Control Board
On April 3, Canada's Saskatchewan government
On april 15, the French company Cogema
Canada's Nuclear Regulator
The Taiwanese government says
The UK Atomic Energy Authority
In related news. Under the cover of darkness
When radioactive alloy parts
Mexico's powerful and long-ruling
Californian governor Pete Wilson's long-running effort
Meanwhile, Los Angels city officials
France's state railway company SNCF
INDIA vs PAKISTAN, helping hands
In March, hundreds of activist across the US
The European Commission says
An internal report of the Millstone 3
Surplus government stocks
Officially Japan plans to build
The controversial Mochovce 1
Aboriginal people warn over waste dump. We will unleash power that cannot be ima
The owner of the Ohma nuclear reactor
Nine years after nuclear testing
The Leningrad 2 reactor in Russia
Cancer cluster defies explanation
The Romanian government is trying to find
US administration officials say a lack of money
Nevada's Governor Bob Miller
In March, 190 grams of enriched uranium
Japan's 160 MW Tokai-1 reactor
The British government will spend
On Apr. 22, after seven years
It's the simple obvious things you do first
German nuclear physicst Gerald Kirchner
About 250 members of the western Shoshone tribe
The Government of the Marshall Islands
Ontario Hydro won't be prosecuted
Canada's uranium legacy. It was cancer treatment all right. We all got cancer
When Britain's Ministry of Defence
Meanwhile, Iraqi doctors have recorded
The Aldermaston nuclear weapons factory
Germany's latest waste shipment. You never know when
Taiwan won't build any more reactors
On Feb. 2, some 800 villagers of Yongwang
Moscow's new frontier. The place is riddled with it
Chernobyl 12 years later
The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Still on recycling
More than 700 square kilometers
The US Department of Energy has released
Not too sure of the risks
The spy writes home... And they won't be happy!
Six metal drums containing 150 kilos
Despite the succes of an operation
US federal regulators met face to face
Senior Taiwanse officials claim
Westinghouse is getting out
The Millenium bug. Nukes vulnerable too
Russia finally admits the link
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