Adder: Third Opinion, september 1998

Plaats: Sydney, Australie
Datum: 1 september 1998
Omschrijving: Australia's independent Energy Journal
The new Queensland Labor government
Canadian uranium exports
Heathgate Resources, a wholly-owned subsidiary
Cogema plans to close its Cluff Lake uranium mine
More of the world's uranium
Gareth and a new reactor
Bitting the hand that fed
Jabiluka a chronology of a campaign june 15 - september 3, 1998
The US Energy Information Administration
The US Environmental Protection Agency
The price of UK electricity
Shell is secretly planning to dump 14 tons
The Atomic Weapons Establishment
The Bulgarian Institute of Oceanology
Snapshot 1
The Australian Geological Survey Organisation
Usually when thieves steal stuff
A report from the Union of Concerned Scientist
A woman receiving radioactive iodine
Electricite de France is taking all three of its operating
The Czech government is hiring a team
The 6.2 earthquake that killed more than 100 people
Twenty-one people were arrested
73 Questions (for ERA to answer)Hallam, John
While the shop goes under, Russia's nuclear boys are in la-la landClarke, Renfrey
Government ministers from 15 countries
Meanwhile, Britain's environment minister
On Jul. 9, the administrative court of Limoges
Connecticut Light and Power says
Workers dismantling the Big Rock Point
The Swedish government's safety watchdog
On Jun. 8, the German newspaper die Tageszeitung
California environmentalist are warning
Eleven of 49 nuclear waste flaks
Radiation doesn't directly cause cancer
Financial markets are yet to be convinced
Hungary has halted efforts to privatise
The US Agency for international development
India plans to build its first nuclear
The US department of energy has agreed
Pacific Gas & Electric wants a $US1 billion
On Jul. 15, a US federal jury
The US department of Energy has committed
The US government will spend $US400 million
The Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI)
The US Department of Energy will spend
A US judge has approved a $US10.3 million
A panel of US experts has concluded
The Davis-Besse nuclear power station
Four of the toughest robots ever built
A cargo of 280 kilos of low-enriched uranium
Canada loses big time on reactor exports
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