Adder: World Nuclear Association News Briefing, augustus 2001

Plaats: London, UK
There are prospects for new (nuclear) build to be economic 1 aug
Major portions of president Bush's new energy policy were approved 1 aug
Cigar lake mining corp (CLMC) has been issued 1 aug
Australia and Czech Republic have signed a bilateral agreement 1 aug
Tajikistan and Russia have signed a protocol to work together 1 aug
British Nuclear Fuels plc (BNFL) has given permission to restart its Wylfa 1 aug
Tohoku Electric's 825 MWe Onagawa-3 boiling water reactor 1 aug
The proposal to build the Angra-3 reactor was taken off the agenda 1 aug
The federal radiation protection agency (bfS) has approved 1 aug
A public consultation process for improving the future regulation 1 aug
A new waste receipt assay characterisation and supercompaction 1 aug
Japan's Nuclear Fuel Ltd (JNFL) plans to make an official request 1 aug
The risks specifically associated with ingesting or inhaling radionuclides 1 aug
The US department of Energy (DOE) is considering proposals 1 aug
USEC inc reported earnings of US$ 41.1 million for its fiscal year 1 aug
Cameco Corp's financial results continue to suffer 1 aug
Rio Tinto reported record half year earnings of US$ 841 million 1 aug
The world has acclumulated just over 10000 years of nuclear power15 aug
Entergy Corp will buy the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant15 aug
The development of a pre feasibility study15 aug
Plans to proceed with the development of the Khiagda15 aug
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has received an additional proposal15 aug
A team from the international Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)15 aug
Temmelin-1 was shut down automatically after a week15 aug
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd of Japan15 aug
Information on cracked and leaking penetration nozzles15 aug
The government has revived plans to convert15 aug
British Nuclear Fuels plc (BNFL) is seeking to renegotiate its contracts15 aug
A total budget of C$1.3 billion has been earmarked15 aug
AEA Technology has sold its nuclear consulting business15 aug
The first test of a furnace for vitrifying radioactive waste15 aug
Energy Resources of Australia Ltd (ERA) reported profits15 aug
WMC Ltd of Australia is blaming low metal prices15 aug
Calls for the European Union (EU) to show realism on the nuclear issue22 aug
Kazakhstan: Kazatomprom has reportedly reached an agreement with China22 aug
Applications from US nuclear utilities/power generating companies22 aug
Brazil: a decision on wether to complete construction of the Angra-322 aug
Japan: the executive committee of the town of Miyama in Mie prefecture22 aug
US: Entergy Corp plans to raise output of the Vermont Yankee reactor22 aug
Canada: blanket approval for the restart of the Ontario Power Generation's22 aug
Electricite de France (EDF) hopes to be able to restart Cattenom-322 aug
Czech Republic: Temelin-1 was reconnected to the Czech national grid22 aug
US: the decision to restart Browns Ferry-1 has been delayed22 aug
Japan: a miniature nuclear power reactor22 aug
Japan Nuclear Fuel Ltd (JNFL) has asked the Aomori prefectural government22 aug
US: a proposed underground nuclear fuel repository at Yucca Mountain22 aug
US: president Bush is excepted to drop plans22 aug
Germany: utility E.On has whitdraw its application for an interim storage facili22 aug
US: A technique known as pyroprocessing has been developed22 aug
British Nuclear Fuels plc (BNFL) has begun negotiations29 aug
The go ahead to mine the country's most promising uranium deposit29 aug
The renewal of the operating licence for Cogema Resources Inc's29 aug
Bohunice-1 has been issued a regular operating licence29 aug
Utilty TVO is reportedly notifying prospective reactor vendors29 aug
Approval of new 10-year operating licences for Asco-1 and -229 aug
Excavation work will begin in September 2001 for construction29 aug
The proposed sale of the 972 MWe Indian Point-2 PWR29 aug
A drastic revision of the country's unique nuclear power29 aug
The Leibstadt nuclear power plant has been given permission29 aug
The Russian nuclear energy ministry plans to start negotiations with Iran29 aug
The Dounreay site will be at the heart of a World class29 aug
A new centralised nuclear waste management fund29 aug
The US department of energy (DOE) is expanding public hearings29 aug
NUKEM nuklear GmbH has been renamed RWE NUKEM GmbH29 aug
The federal radiation protection agency (BFS) is preparing29 aug
The first international school of nuclear law has opened29 aug
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