Adder: World Nuclear Association News Briefing, september 2001

Plaats: London, UK
The Uk government must act now to retain the nuclear option 5 sep
The Areva Group has been launced 5 sep
A government order providing for reorganisation 5 sep
Katco - the Kazakh-French-Swiss joint uranium venture 5 sep
Notice of the final determination phase of countervailing duty 5 sep
The German cabinet has approved draft legalisation for the phase out 5 sep
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) of Japan 5 sep
Russia plans to increase the amount of electricty 5 sep
Russia plans to deliver the reactor for Iran's Bushehr nuclear power plant 5 sep
French nuclear safety authority DSIN has formally agreed 5 sep
Russia is seeking to postpone the shutdown date 5 sep
Rostov-1 is working at full capacity 5 sep
British Energy and international power of the Uk 5 sep
Entergy Corp has completed its purchase of Indian Point 1 and 2 5 sep
Plans to biuld Russia's first flaoting nuclear power plant 5 sep
Siemens AG is going ahead with plans to dismantle 5 sep
The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is revising its regulations 5 sep
Greenhouse gas emissions in the US increased by 0.9% in 1999 5 sep
IAEA 45 th General Conference of 132 member states12 sep
The IAEA verification system for weapons-origin material12 sep
Nuclear energy should be used more to ensure sustainable development12 sep
USEC Inc has signed a long term contract with Arizona Public Service Co.12 sep
The new WNA global nuclear fuel market report12 sep
British Energy urges UK government to decide now on new nuclear power plant12 sep
British Nuclear Industry Forum warns re Uk energy Dependency12 sep
Enel buys Endesa subsidiary Viesgo for 1.87 billion Euros in cash12 sep
UK government launches a nationwide consultation on radioactive waste12 sep
Regulations changed to allow EPA standards at Yucca Mountain12 sep
Volgodonsk-1 (nee Rostov) reaches full power12 sep
Canadian uranium production increased 30% in 200012 sep
Approval for Sellafield Mox plant is imminent12 sep
Security alert at nuclear facilities in wake of terrorist attacks12 sep
The American Business Council of Pakistan12 sep
Congressional watch list of dangerous facilities shrinks to zero12 sep
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has adopted a resolution19 sep
The US hads waived trade sanctions against India and Pakistan19 sep
A second attempt to force the early closure of the Borssele19 sep
Five new 1000 MWe nuclear power reactors will be built in Russia19 sep
Construction of the South Urals nuclear power plant19 sep
It would cost US$4.2 billion to complete Energy Northwest's WNP-119 sep
Consumers Energy will replace all 45 control rod drive mechanism19 sep
Tennesse Valley Authority (TVA) has rejected19 sep
A statement in response to media and public concerns19 sep
The Pebble Bed Modular Reactor (PBMR)19 sep
The Barseback-2 reactor will close by 200319 sep
Wisconsin Public Service Corp (WPS)19 sep
Lithuania must decide on the fate of Ignalina-219 sep
The European Commission will help pay for decommissioning19 sep
A draft ordinance to hold a referendum19 sep
The Tennesse Valley Authority (TVA) has applied19 sep
A government commission has began negotiations19 sep
An audit report found that using existing or planned facilities19 sep
Morocco an d the USA have signed an agreement19 sep
The use of nuclear power is 'unavoidable'26 sep
USEC Inc - the US government's executive agent26 sep
Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Russia have formed a joint venture26 sep
As of 1 January 2001, Canadian uranium resources were estimated26 sep
Cogema has responded to a report26 sep
The politically dicated four month halt in construction26 sep
Financing by the European Bank of Reconstruction26 sep
Nuclear Management Co (NMC) will provide management services26 sep
Japan must build 10 to 13 new nuclear power plants26 sep
A community willing to host a low and intermediate-level waste26 sep
Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant (KNPP) must present26 sep
Plans to prepare an Environmental impact statement (EIS)26 sep
Some 3400 people participated in a nuclear accident drill26 sep
Dr Peter Haug has been appointed as the new secretary general26 sep
Talks between Mirant of the US and Vattenfall of Sweden26 sep
Fusion power in 'within reach', according to scientists26 sep
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