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Extension of Dutch Reprocessing. Upholding the Plutonium Industry on Dutch Society’s Expenses?

AuteurWISE Paris, X.Coeytaux, Y.Marignac
Datumjuni 2004

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Extension of Dutch Reprocessing:
Upholding the Plutonium Industry at Dutch Society’s Expenses?
Xavier COEYTAUX - Research Associate
Yves MARIGNAC - Director 
June 2004

Main Findings
Main Findings and Conclusions (1)
Dutch reprocessing: a Countercurrent Strategy
From the early years, the Dutch nuclear utilities have participated in the 
development of the European plutonium industry. Major setbacks in its 
successive programs have not yet undermined the commitment of the Dutch 
nuclear industry to reprocessing. Nevertheless, the status of the Netherlands’ 
spent fuel and waste management strategy must be placed in the broader 
context of nuclear decline and reprocessing crisis in Europe.
Altogether, the Dutch utilities have signed contracts for 383 t with the 
French operator of La Hague, COGEMA, covering roughly all the spent fuel 
unloaded from Borssele up to now, and 56 t with the British operator of 
Sellafield, BNFL, covering all the spent fuel unloaded from Dodewaard up 
to its shutdown in 1997 (in addition to 8.5 t of Dodewaard fuel reprocessed 
earlier in the Belgian plant of Dessel/Mol). These quantities represent the 
smallest foreign reprocessing contracts for commercial reactors fuel.