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A Decade of Delay, Deceit and Danger. TMI 1979-1989

AuteurTMI Alert
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A Decade of Delay, Deceit and Danger
A Retrospective
Three Mile Island Alert
Dedicated to those Three Mile Island area residents who have been
harmed, who have suffered and who have fought courageously for the
health and safety of their family, friends and future generations.

Written by Joanne Doroshow
Designed by Kathleen Glynn
Cover Artwork by Melinda Downey

Becky Mease's Story
THE FOLLOWING IS an excerpt from an interview by researchers Mitsuru
and Aileen Smith Katagiri with Becky Mease. Becky Mease is a nurse who
works in Harrisburg, and lives in Middletown with husband Dave and young
daughter Pam. Becky spoke to Mitsuru and Aileen about her family's experience
during the accident. The Mease's mobile home sits about four miles north of
"I guess it would have probably been about 9 o'clock when I first started
to taste it, because I was driving home from Harrisburg in my car .... I
came in the door and said to Dave, 'I have a funny metallic taste in my
mouth, really strange.' I didn't even associate it with the accident, to tell
you the truth.
And it was late that Wednesday evening like 11 o'clock, and we were
watching the news. They said everything was under control. I said to
Dave, 'you know, this is really funny. I have this terrible metallic taste.'
When I get my teeth filled, you can taste the fdling for a while. I said the
only other time I had this funny metallic taste was when I was working in
the operating room and they'd come in and take a lot ofX-rays from the
patient who was there for surgery ..••