Hinkley Point C could be delayed to 2031 and cost up to £35bn, says EDF

[The Guardian]: "As nuclear plant is hit by further delay, real cost will be far higher after inflation is included, as project uses 2015 prices.
The owner of Hinkley Point C has blamed inflation, Covid and Brexit as it announced the nuclear power plant project could be delayed by a further four years, and cost £2.3bn more.
The plant in Somerset, which has been under construction since 2016, is now expected to be finished by 2031 and cost up to £35bn, France’s EDF said. However, the cost will be far higher once inflation is taken into account, because EDF is using 2015 prices.
The latest in a series of setbacks represents a huge delay to the project’s initial timescale. In 2007, the then EDF chief executive Vincent de Rivaz said that by Christmas in 2017, turkeys would be cooked using electricity generated from atomic power at Hinkley. When the project was finally given the green light in 2016, its cost was estimated at £18bn."

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  1. Henk Boon, gelukzoeker

    Bouw Hickley kerncentrale duurt weer vier jaar langer, nu tot 2031.
    Kosten gestegen naar 35 miljard pond (prijspeil 2015!!!).
    Vergunning verleend in 2012, dus de totale bouwduur wordt 20 jaar. Als we dus in NL in 2025 een vergunning geven en het gaat even snel, dan staat-ie er in 2045 (kosten daargelaten). Zou dat nog zinvol zijn voor de energietransitie?
    #kerncentrale #kernenergie #energietransitie