Legenda & explanation
date INES title location
31-08-2010INES 2Exposure of a worker in excess of statutory annual dose limitsLEIBSTADT, Switzerland
20-07-2010INES 2Co-60 orphan source discovered in a container of metal scraps in the Genova PortGenova port, Italy
04-08-2010INES 2Extremity OverexposureISOAID, LLC/Port Richey, FL, United States of America
23-06-2010[n/a]Information on earthquake which occurred in Eastern Canada. Ontario, Canada
26-05-2010INES 2Contamination of 6 workers during the recovery of a gammagraphy Co-60 sourceindustrial radiography, France
23-04-2010INES 2Worker overexposure CHINON-B4, France
20-04-2010INES 2Member of the Public OverexposureOhio State University, Columbus Ohio, United States of America
07-04-2010INES 4Discovery of radioactive materials in scrap shops and acute exposure of scrap dealerOther, India
28-03-2010INES 2Reactor Trip and Safety Injection with Complications from FireH.B. ROBINSON-2, United States of America
02-04-2010INES 0Worker OverexposureWashington University St. Louis, United States of America
27-07-2009INES 3Overexposure in the field radiographyROil refinery, Gdansk, Poland
01-12-2009INES 2Shutdown of Cruas unit 4 after heat sink incidentCRUAS-4, France
12-11-2009INES 2Worker OverexposureOwensby & Kritikos, United States of America
23-09-2009INES 2Potential Overexposure of Members of the PublicLaramie River Station, United States of America
06-10-2009INES 2Failure in fissile material accountabilityCADARACHE, France
28-08-2009INES 2Contamination of a vehicle with Cs-137NO facility associated to this event, Armenia
21-07-2009INES 2Worker OverexposureCardinal Health / Beltsville MD, United States of America
31-08-2009INES 2Loss of Radiation SourceBirjand University, Iran
03-08-2009INES 2Exposure of two workers in excess of statutory annual dose limitsBEZNAU-2, Switzerland
24-07-2009INES 1Detachment, spreading and recovery of industrial radiography sourceLima, Peru
29-06-2009INES 2Introduction of potentially moderating material to fuel routeDUNGENESS-B1 UNIT A, United Kingdom
16-05-2009INES 1Person contaminatedRadioisotope Centre POLATOM/Otwock-Swierk, Poland
07-05-2009INES 2Incident at Irradiation FacilitySTERIGENICS - Fleurus, Belgium
23-01-2009INES 2Radioactive contamination spread from release of ventilation duct condensate at SellafieldSellafield Ltd, Cumbria, United Kingdom
04-05-2009INES 2Drop out of a SPND from transport container into the reactor hall during outagePAKS-4, Hungary
03-02-2009INES 2Overexposure to WorkerPerma-Fix, United States of America
03-03-2009INES 2Non-respect of a safety-criticality requirement at AREVA NC Melox facility (Marcoule)MELOX Fuel process plant, France
27-12-2008INES 0Very low activity source found in scrap metalMeghri, Armenia
18-12-2008INES 2Non-Radiation Worker OverexposureDelek Refining, United States of America
23-10-2008INES 2Unsuitable management of Bakelite plates containing radioactive materialsBunkyo-city, Tokyo, Japan