Legenda & explanation
date INES title location
15-05-20151Eu-152 lightning rods found in metal scrapPAVOR DOOEL SKOPJE, Scrap Metal Yard Veles, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
02-03-20152Transport incident of a gamma ray projectorSt Pol-sur-Mer (59) and Courcelles-les-Lens (62), France
14-03-20151Found category 4 source, shutter of the source container partly openAustrian-Italian border station, Austria
02-10-2013Not ApplicableLeakage of Contaminated Water from the Top Plate of a Tank at B Area (South)FUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI, Japan
20-02-2014Not ApplicableLeakage of Contaminated Water from the Upper Part of Tank C-1 in H-6 Tank AreaFUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI, Japan
02-10-2013Not ApplicableLeakege of Contaminated Water from the Top Plate of a Tank at B Area (South)FUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI, Japan
09-10-2013Not ApplicableLeakage of Contaminated Water from a Desalination SystemFUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI, Japan
06-02-2014Not ApplicableLeakage of Contaminated Water from a Flange of Water Pressure Measuring instrumentFUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI, Japan
20-02-2014Not ApplicableLeakega of Contaminated Water from the Upper Part of Tank C-1 in H-6 Tank AreaFUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI, Japan
13-04-2014Not ApplicableInappropriate Transfer of Contaminated WaterFUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI, Japan
02-06-2014Not ApplicableLeakage of Contaminated Water from Two Notch TanksFUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI, Japan
17-09-2014Not ApplicableDiscovery of a Crack in a Connection Valve between Tanks for Concentrated Water Treated by Reverse OsmosisFUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI, Japan
17-12-2014Not ApplicableLeakage of Water Treated by the Multi-Nuclide Removal Facility (ALPS)FUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI, Japan
22-02-2015Not ApplicablePossible Flow of Contaminated Water to the Outside of the Controlled AreaFUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI, Japan
28-02-20143Overexposure of radiation workersQueensland field site west of Chinchilla, Australia
17-03-20152Overexposure to RadiographerAlabaster, Alabama/Vital Inspection Professionals, United States of America
06-03-20151Stolen radioactive sourcesPoznan, Poland
02-08-20132Uncontrolled release of radioactive effluents into the public sewerage systemBordeaux university hospital, France
14-10-20142A practitioner’s regulatory annual exposure dose limit was exceededBordeaux University Hospital - Pellegrin Hospital, France
28-01-20152Overexposure of a workerNational Centre for Nuclear Research, Poland
16-01-20152Overexposure to RadiographerBaton Rouge, Louisiana/Acuren Inspection, United States of America
18-08-20142Interventional Radiology: exposure of a health professional in excess of the annual dose limitVal de Saône Polyclinic in Mâcon, France
28-11-20140Event during operation of Zaporizhzhya NPP Unit №3ZAPOROZHYE-3, Ukraine
04-05-20141Exposure to Worker in Excess of Administrative LimitCHASNUPP-1 (C-1), Pakistan
12-02-20141Radiation Leakage from Brachytherapy MachineDr. Ziauddin Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan
16-11-20142Realizing of maintenance activities without respecting the proceduresSterigenics, Belgium
17-05-20141Exposure of a temporary worker in excess of annual dose constraint during transfer operation of irradiated neutron detector.TARAPUR-4, India
08-10-20141THEFT OF RADIOACTIVE SOURCESTalara, Piura, Geowell S.A.I.C., Peru
17-06-20121Theft of portable radioactive gaugeUchucchacua, Oyón, Region Lima / BISA Construction, Peru
17-07-20142Overexposure to workers to radiografic sourceOceaneering Asset Integrity, Norway