Legenda & explanation
date INES title location
29-05-20061Loss and dispersion of radioactive source (Eu-152, 2006)ITRRE/Hanoi, Viet Nam
19-10-20162Overdose to Nuclear PharmacistPortland, Oregon/Petnet Solutions, United States of America
07-10-20162Cyclotron operated with an open bunker doorUniversity Hospital of Umeå, Sweden
19-10-20162Overexposure of a member of the publicSakarya province, Turkey
24-08-20162Overexposure to RadiographerMistras Group/Deer Park Texas, United States of America
13-07-20162Excessive Deposits of Material Containing Uranium In ScrubberHopkins, SC, USA/Westinghouse Fuel Fabrication Fac, United States of America
25-08-20161Loss of a device containing radioactive sourcesBoguszow-Gorce, Poland, Poland
11-05-20162Overexposure to RadiographerDeer Park Texas/Mistras Group, Inc., United States of America
07-03-20161A sealed radioactive Cs-137 source contaminated the premises of waste management companywaste management company, Finland
20-04-2016Not ApplicableLeakage from Piping Transferring RO-Concentrated Water to G-6 Tank AreaFUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI, Japan
11-03-20162Leak from primary coolant system at Kakrapar Atomic Station-1KAKRAPAR-1, India
27-08-20153Radiographer OverexposureRio Turbio, Santa Cruz, Argentina
27-01-20162Worker OverexposureTampa, Florida / Cardinal Health, United States of America
11-11-20152Overexposure to RadiographerPecos, Texas/Nondestructive and Visual Inspection,, United States of America
23-09-20153Overexposure of two industrial radiographersIslamic Republic of Iran, Oil refinery Company, Iran
30-06-20152Bordeaux University: discovery of radioactive sources and incidental exposure of personsBordeaux University, France
18-08-20152Irradiation of a worker during scheduled NNP outage at Le BlayaisBLAYAIS-4, France
29-05-2015Not ApplicableContaminated water being transferred to turbine building of unit 3 from 1000 tons notch tank was leaking from the cracked pressure hoseFUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI, Japan
15-09-2015Not ApplicableLeakages of water from the dikes in tank areas storing contaminated waterFUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI, Japan
31-12-20092Overexposure to RadiographerBlazer Inspection/Texas City, Texas, United States of America
31-12-20092Overexposure to RadiographerBlazer Inspection/Texas City, Texas, United States of America
20-08-20152Overexposure to Radiation WorkerIdaho Falls, ID/ International Isotopes, Inc., United States of America
27-02-20152Overexposure to Nuclear Medicine TechnologistPhoenix, Arizona/Phoenix Baptist Hospital and Med, United States of America
03-07-20141Stolen pick-up truck with Ir-192 cat II sourceAtizapan de Zaragoza, Mexico State, Mexico
02-12-20133Missing Dangerous Source at Tepojaco, Hidalgo, MexicoTepojaco, Hidalgo, Mexico, Mexico
03-02-20151Missing Dangerous Source at Salamanca, GuanajuatoSalamanca, Guanajuato, Mexico
14-04-20151Missing Dangerous Source at Cárdenas, Tabasco, MéxicoCárdenas, Tabasco, México, Mexico
15-07-20151Theft of a device containig radioactive sourceZabrze, Poland
27-02-20152Overexposure to Nuclear Medicine TechnologistPhoenix, AZ / Baptist Hospital and Medical Center, United States of America
20-05-20151Orphan source foundAS Bosfor DOOEL Skopje-Metal Scrap Yard, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia